Jack Johnson - Taylor

TaylorJack Johnson3:59

Текст песни Jack Johnson - Taylor

Taylor was a good girl, never want to be late,
complain, express, ideas in her brain,
working on the night shift, passing out the tickets,
you're going to have to pay her, if you want to park here,
well mommy's little dancer has a quite a little secret,
working on the streets now, never going to keep it,
it's quite an imposition, but now she's only wishin,
that she would have listened to the words they said ...
Poor Taylor...She just wanders around, unaffected by,
the winter winds, well she'll pretend that, she's somewhere else,
so far and clear, 'bout 2000 miles from here ...
Peter Patrick pitter-patters on the window,
but Sunny's silouette won't let him in,
and poor old pete's got nothing, 'cause he's been falling,
and somehow Taylor# knows, just where he's been,

he thinks that singing on sunday 'gonna save his soul,
now that saturday's gone, well sometimes he thinks that he's on his way,
but i can see, that his brake lights are on...
He just wanders around, unaffected by,
the winter winds, yeah and he'll pretend that, he's somewhere else,
so far and clear, 'bout 2000 miles from here ...
she says she's a tough encilada, fill up with nada,
givin' what you gotta give to get a dollar bill,
used to be a limber chicken, time's a been a ticken,
now she's finger lickin' to the man,
with the money in his pocket, flying in his rocket,
only stopping by on his way to a better world...
if taylor finds a better world...taylor's gonna run away ....

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